Jubilee 2015

In the tradition of the Catholic Church, the word “Jubilee” is used to designate an anniversary year. Historically, the 50th anniversary of religious life—the Golden Jubilee—is considered the most significant. This was especially true in the 19th century and early 20th century when illness and living conditions made it unusual for much of the population to live past the age of 50.

Today, special reverence continues to be held for the Golden Jubilee as it signifies a strong vocation and commitment of giving one’s life to serve God and others. In addition to celebrating the Golden Jubilee, we recognize our sisters celebrating Silver (25th) Jubilees, Diamond (75th) Jubilees, and Jubilees marking 60, 65, 70, and 80 years.

Sister Sung Hae Kim, SC

2015 Golden Jubilarian

As a student at Sogang University, South Korea, Sister Sung Hae Kim felt called to religious life. A priest on the university faculty directed her to the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill who taught at Saint Joseph High School in Ganjin, located at the southern tip of Korea. Sister Sung Hae made the six hour trip to become acquainted with the sisters. She felt the sisters were “very human” and decided to enter their congregation after graduating from the university fifty years ago.

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Sister Sara Marie Wojcik, SC

2015 Golden Jubilarian

Sister Sarah Marie Wojcik was greatly influenced by the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill who taught her in grade school and high school. “They were gentle, loving, and brilliant,” she recalled. “I wondered why such brilliant women chose to live this life––give up everything to serve the Lord. I wondered if I could live that life too.” She followed the example of her role models and entered the congregation from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Parish, Altoona, fifty years ago.

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Sister Loretta Topper, SC

2015 Golden Jubilarian

“It is the people and the experience through the years that have deepened and solidified my religious commitment and allowed me to live my vows with zeal,” reflects Sister Loretta Topper, SC, on her fifty years of religious life. “I joined the community because of the dedication I witnessed in the Sisters of Charity who ministered in Abbeville, Louisiana, when I taught there as a lay person.” Sister Loretta entered the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill from Saint Joseph Parish, Hanover, Pennsylvania.

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Sister Jeanne Bartholomeaux, SC

2015 Golden Jubilarian

Fifty years ago, when she made the decision to say “Yes” to living a vowed religious life, Sister of Charity Jeanne Bartholomeaux had no idea where it would lead her. “I never thought that I would be an artist. As a Sister of Charity, I was encouraged to study art and practice it in my ministry, first as an art educator and then as a fiber artist,” recalled Sister Jeanne. “When my ministry led me to other forms of service, I found that I continued to create environment––inviting others into an encounter with the Divine. In the classroom, in an office, in a woven or stitched piece of art, my hope is that God will be present there. For me, that is how the Charity of Christ urges me.”

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Seated, left to right: Sisters Irene Mary Wilburn, Mary Elizabeth Schrei, Mary Victor Powers

Standing, left to right: Sisters Mary Ann Winters, Carita Shields, Mary Ann Corr, Mary Lucilla Wertz


Seated, left to right: Sisters Maureen Halloran, Sheila Marie Cooper,

M. Augusta Alexia, Mary Philip Aaron, Patricia Collins

Seated, left to right: Sisters Mary Joseph McElhinny, Gertrude Foley, Gemma Del Duca,

Elizabeth Ann Stock, Mary Brian McConnell, Mary Alma Vandervest


Seated, left to right: Sisters Mary Seton Wacker (R.I.P.), M. Beatrice McQuade,

M. Ellenita O’Connor, Agnes Steedle

Standing, left to right: Sisters Joan Marie Madden, Mary Edmund Speer, M. Philomena Mannion

75 Year Jubilarian
Sister Harold Ann Jones, SC
75 Year Jubilarian
Sister Miriam Dolores Sell, SC
80 Year Jubilarian
Sister Mary Janet Ryan, SC