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Rendu Services, Inc. is an entry point to an existing network of social services in an effort to reduce the economic and social inequality often experienced by those who struggle with inadequate education, unemployment, discrimination, and developmental disabilities.


Initiated by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul of the Northeast Province, Rendu Services was incorporated as a non-profit agency in March of 2001. Named after Daughter of Charity, Sister Rosalie Rendu, who spent her life in service to the poor during the 1800s, Rendu Services provides care for those in need in Fayette County, one of the poorest counties in the United States.

The Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill have joined the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul and the Vincentian Sisters of Charity to support the staffing and funding of this essential mission.

Services Provided

  • Free health screenings and referrals for health services at 17 locations county-wide, featuring a specially equipped mobile van;
  • Health education and health promotion;
  • Food pantry for nearly 100 families under the auspices of Fayette County Community Action Agency;
  • Youth and Family activities in housing projects such as Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas workshop, and summer camp;
  • Client needs assessments and referrals to supportive agencies.

The budget for Rendu Services totals almost $300,000 annually, shared equally by the sponsoring groups. In the initial assessment of Fayette County, a few key service needs were identified. Needs such as parenting skills, life skills (budgeting and cooking), teen parenting skills, elder care and emotional support, and youth activities emerged as problem areas. Rendu Services, through an expansion of its current services, is capable of addressing such issues, but this expansion is contingent on key financial support from people like you.

Sisters in Mission

Individually or collectively the Sisters of Charity are a strong resource for Rendu Services. They work with others to provide care and support to people who otherwise may not be helped. Currently, four of our sisters provide direct support to the program.

As a registered nurse, Sister Annette Frey, SC, and the staff at Rendu Services provide health screenings and health education to those who can’t afford preventative care. She helps patients obtain the medical service they desperately need. Without access to her assistance many of the underserved people would go undiagnosed with a serious condition.

Sister Mary Philip Aaron, SC, focuses on identifying funding resources for Rendu Services and preparing grant applications.  Also active with Rendu Services are Sisters Dorothy Dolan and Lyn Marie Dwyer, who provide strong support for the food pantry program.

Sister Melanie DiPietro, JD, JCD, serves on the Board of Directors, providing pro bono legal expertise. Several other Sisters of Charity also serve on boards associated with Rendu Services.

Rendu Services, Inc. Contact Information


453 Pechin Road
Dunbar, PA 15431


Monday through Friday
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Daughters of Charity, St. Louis, MO
Sisters of Charity, Nazareth, KY
Sisters of Charity, Greensburg, PA