Seton Arts Service Corps

The Seton Arts Service Corps is a collaborative venture of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill and Seton Hill University. This unique, inter-generational program seeks to offer children and adults living in under-served, inner-city communities the opportunity to transform themselves and their surroundings through the arts. This unique program was established in the 2006-2007 academic year. As you can see from the parents’ quotes below, Seton Arts Service Corps is successful.

Quotes from parents:

“This program does a wonderful job of fostering students’ confidence and creativity. My daughter . . . thoroughly enjoyed exploring different artistic expression through many mediums. The program and student teachers truly embraced every child’s unique spirit, and encouraged the children to express themselves. . . . I saw my daughter’s confidence increase as the program progressed.”

“Our 13-year-old son has participated in this innovative program . . . The combined use of art, drama, and music enabled him to tap into his ‘creative side’ on multiple levels. . . . It was an invaluable resource for helping our son to grow personally, gain self-confidence, and practice leadership skills in a dynamic, diverse, and fun environment.”

“I’m very glad my son, a 7th grader, had the opportunity to participate in a creative arts program. He loved it and it was a great outlet for him. My son has a variety of learning disabilities and is challenged by the standard school setting. This program allowed him to use his creativity, his most valuable asset, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the student artists were exceptional. I was especially pleased that some of them were art therapy majors.” 

“The students from Seton Hill have a love for their profession and have unique and creative ways of sharing this with the children. The [Arts Scholars] create a relaxed environment allowing the children to pursue their creativity. . . while providing extensive positive feedback. . . . The staff not only taught the children aspects of art and drama, the children have also learned respect, patience, and kindness. . . . I am extremely grateful my daughter had this opportunity to be part of this positive, incredible experience.”

For more information about the Seton Arts Service Corps and to learn how your child can participate, please call Sister Kathleen McGrady. Sister Kathleen can be reached at 412-471-4249.





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