Seton Family


Seton Family is a lay-centered program answering the call of Vatican II for the renewal of the whole church, a church in which the laity have an indispensable role. In 2001, the U.S. Province of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill responded with this new initiative to the mandates of Vatican II.

The Seton Family supports lay women and men in their desire to grow to maturity in the Body of Christ. Within the Seton Family, the spirit and example of St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Vincent de Paul, and St. Louise de Marillac provide a simple spiritual way to all who desire to live out their baptism with insight and energy in their everyday 21st century lives.

Seton Family is a way of growing and maturing in the Spirit through learning, prayer, community, and service with other lay women and men attracted by the spiritual tradition inherited from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Vincent de Paul, and St. Louise de Marillac.

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SF_1Local Seton Family groups gather at numerous locations throughout the United States. Local groups meet regularly on a schedule decided by each local group and its facilitator. Local group facilitators may be Sisters of Charity or laity. Facilitators gather regularly with the Seton Family Coordinator at least twice a year for ongoing education and training.

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