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“In the spirit of Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, we affirm that action on behalf of justice is fundamental to our mission. As Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, we declare our residences to be peace sites. By doing this, we commit ourselves to use our energies and resources to pursue peace in nonviolent ways.” (August 1991)

Prayer Partner Medallion front

The Sisters of Charity pray for you and your loved ones every day. You may fill out the form, selecting your interest in a Prayer Partner and/or prayer intentions or call 724-836-0406, ext. 6610 or ext. 6643. Sisters Eileen Johnston and Mary Edmund Speer will be matching requesters with sister volunteers.

Partners in Prayer

People often ask the Sisters of Charity to remember them for a particular intention and those requests are sent out to every sister in the province on the sisters’ daily electronic newsletter.  However, there are individuals who would like a regular support person, a “Prayer Partner,” so to speak.

Our Partners in Prayer initiative connects individuals with a particular sister with whom they can communicate––by phone, letter, or email. Your “prayer partner” may just hold your name in prayer or be more involved with you by phone or other means of communication. The choice is yours.

It is hoped that our prayer for one another will strengthen all of us and bring us closer to our God. “Together in Prayer” will connect us with all those who lack peace and feel vulnerable due to their own life circumstances, be it due to illness, financial difficulties, the death of a loved one, family problems, addiction, or any other trial. All are welcome to seek peace in their daily lives by requesting ongoing prayerful support from the Sisters of Charity through this initiative.

On behalf of all of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, Sister Catherine Meinert invites our readers to participate in this prayer partnership. “Know that you are not alone in facing life’s challenges. We look forward to helping you find the peace you seek ‘Together in Prayer.’”

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