Jubilee 2017

In the tradition of the Catholic Church, the word “Jubilee” is used to designate an anniversary year. Historically, the 50th anniversary of religious life—the Golden Jubilee—is considered the most significant. This was especially true in the 19th century and early 20th century when illness and living conditions made it unusual for much of the population to live past the age of 50.

Today, special reverence continues to be held for the Golden Jubilee as it signifies a strong vocation and commitment of giving one’s life to serve God and others. In addition to celebrating the Golden Jubilee, we recognize our sisters celebrating Silver (25th) Jubilees, Diamond (75th) Jubilees, and Jubilees marking 60, 65, 70, and 80 years.

Sister Mary Louise Lisowski, SC

2017 Golden Jubilarian

“Becoming a sister was something that had always been on my mind,” recalls Sister Mary Louise Lisowski. “I knew the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill who taught me at Saint Philip School at my home parish in the Crafton neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It just seemed a natural step for me to take.” Sister Mary Lou entered the congregation of sisters who taught her on August 27, 1967. She explains, “I am passionate about the concept of charity––it’s embedded in my life.”

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Sister Rosemary Fleming, SC

2017 Golden Jubilarian

Prior to entering the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill on January 1, 1967, Sister Rosemary Fleming, SC, worked at the Diocese of Pittsburgh Chancery Office with the late Bishop Anthony Bosco. Father Bosco (at the time) untiringly urged Sister Rosemary to listen for God’s call to a religious vocation and encouraged her to talk about religious life with a Sister of Charity. “He nagged me!” chuckled Sister Rosemary. Happy with her career and her single life, Sister Rosemary resisted his advice.

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Seated: Sister M. Janet Neider

Standing, left to right: Sisters Mary Lou Palas, Lorilee Ufolla, Colette Hanlon, Mary Clark


Seated, left to right: Sisters Regina Marie Boslet and Catherine Mary Malloy

Standing, left to right: Sisters Patrice Hughes and Brigid Marie Grandey



Sister M. Adele Rogers

75 Year Jubilarian

Sister Mary Zachary Endress

80 Year Jubilarian

Sister Francis Teresa Masur